Tropical Dream Underwater Odyssey

Tropical Dream Underwater Odyssey 1.0

Tropical Dream: Underwater Odyssey is a game developed by Digital Chocolate
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Tropical Dream: Underwater Odyssey is a game developed by Digital Chocolate.
The character that you will control in this game is Megan, a young women which bought a house near the sea, but the house is not in very good conditions, so she needs your help to take pictures under the sea and find some antiques and then sale them in order to collect some money.
You will see a map, which will show you what fish do you have to take a picture of and then you will be underwater, you have to have in mind that the clock will be ticking against you, because your tank will be running out of oxygen.
In the first assignment you will have to take a picture of a golden fish, you will move with your mouse and you have to wait until the fish smiles to take a better picture, but in the other hand if you don`t succeed you have the opportunity to do it again.

You will be required to take specific pictures, find hidden treasures, take pictures of an assigned value point, that is of course in the upper levels.
In some levels you will have to do some puzzles, in order to move forward to the next level.

Visuals and sounds
The graphics are amazing the scenarios are awesome, as you will see, the designers have paid a lot of attention to details, the sound effects are good and the soundtrack is nice. Regarding the gameplay, you will only use the buttons of your mouse, so you will realize that is not very difficult.

In conclusion, if you like the sea and all the things you can find there like me, you will really enjoy this game.

María Noel Balla
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